Our Personal Trainers


IMG_2075I know how difficult it is. I know the self-discipline it takes. I know the work it takes to get results. I’ve been there…I am a better and stronger personal trainer because of it. Here’s my story-

Running my first full marathon back in 2009 (picture on left) I was insecure, 30 lbs heavier with very little muscle and definition. My second child was 2. And so, the “I just had a baby excuse” had rightfully expired!
I was in great cardiovascular shape due to my natural love of running. As far as burning fat and building muscle I was clueless, unmotivated resulting in depression with low self-esteem. I couldn’t understand with my clear consistency and dedication to running, why my body wasn’t changing or responding.
It was a frustrating, intense battle. I cried daily, felt hopeless and desperately wished to feel healthier and to be in shape. With the help of my family, I became brave enough to stop wishing and realized I needed to seek guidance. I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed help.
In 2010, I started working twice-a-week with my personal trainer focusing primarily on total body weight training. Going to my trainer was a life changing event that not only reshaped my self-esteem and my body, but inspired my career. I am proud to say that I have been training with my personal trainer ever since! In last week’s training session, I teased my trainer and told him how I’m going to be 65 years old and still training with him. I wasn’t joking.
People often ask me, as a trainer myself, why do I go to one? To me, it makes perfect sense…you don’t go to anyone who doesn’t go to anyone. As a result, the trainer is more knowledgeable and professional in so many ways! My trainer mentors me, pushes me, and brings out the best in me.
My after picture on the right…The first week in May 2015, I ran Tough Mudder (10.3 mile mud run with 20 challenge obstacle course). I knew that the upper body challenge would be super tough for me. Think climbing and pulling yourself over slippery high walls, using a rope with minimal footing to get up and over walls. The obstacle of traveling across inclined monkey bars was my absolute favorite challenge of all at Tough Mudder. All around me were 90 pound petite girls breezing by. My big excuse was always “I am not petite, I am tall and weigh 143 pounds, that is why I can’t hold my body weight like they can.” I was wrong. I’ve worked hard this year and so I did it. I took those monkey bars right next to that 90 pound petite girl in my tall girl 143 pound glory! Feeling more confident about my strength, this year it was on my top 10 list of fitness goals, that I now have met!
In your pursuit of fitness you’re constantly learning and growing. That’s what makes it stick and becomes a lifestyle. You have your own journey to create, so get out there and get yours started. ┬áLove, Alison Lackey NASM CPT